About Me

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Jakub Šindelář I'm an enthusiastic developer and traveler. I'm interested in modern technology and using it. My main programming language is Ruby, but I'm learning Phyton and Node.Js. I'm interested in container technologies too. I'm using Docker and Docker SWARM, but I would like to learn other technologies such as LXC, Rocket, and Kubernetes. As a hobby, I maintain home router Turris and my own VPS server. I also like to play with smart home technology.

Jobs description

Software Developer

My work in this position was consists of writing unit tests in Ruby, working with docker concretely editing docker files, working with Docker Registry, Swarm, etc. On this position, I was getting better with working developer tool RubyMine too, git, and other tools.

DevOps Engineer

My work in this position still consists of writing new features working with docker and developer tools. I sometimes work with MS Azure. Sometimes my task is creating technical documentation too for the created feature. During this work, I gained experience with the OpenSSL library, the proposal of CA for Docker, MongoDB database and etc. My job is also to advise less experienced colleagues with solving their problems and pass to them the experience from the project I am working on.